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childless_ppl's Journal

Childless People
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This community is about childless people: no matter if you're a man or woman, pro-choice or pro-life, fertile or infertile, young or old, are ready now or not ready yet.

If you don't know the difference between childfree and childless...here's the difference. Childfree people don't want any children, now and always. Childless people don't have any children now, but they would like children in the future. They would either like to have their own children, or adopt.

Anyone can join this community. It does have open membership. I don't care if you're a parent, childless, or childfree. I don't care if you are pro-choice or pro-life. I don't care if you're infertile or fertile. I don't care if you are childless and prefer adoption over having your own kids. I don't care what your religion is, if you have one or not. I don't care what political party you're associated with. I don't care what you stand on the political spectrum. I don't care as long as you....

Aren't disrespectful to other members on this board!!!!

Speaking of which, here are the rules:

Rules of Childless People

1. Please respect your follow members, even if you don't personally agree with their choices. Attack their view, but not them personally. If I see any personal attacks, you will be warned three times. If you don't adhere to those warnings, you're gone.

2. Don't troll other members' journals. If you do that, you will be warned once. Then, it's time to go bye bye for you.

3. I don't want to see any kind of threat whatsoever on here. You will be warned once. If you don't heed warning, you'll be banned. If you don't get a warning from me, you knew what happen and why ;)

4. Just in case...since this is going to be open membership, and I have no idea who I will get yet...this rule is for advance. If I see anyone talk about wanting to have sex with a child...I don't care what gender they are and how old they are...you will be banned without a simple warning. Not only will I ban you, I will report you too. So, if you're a type of person that likes or wants to have sex with children...bye now.

If you have any questions or comments, ask your neighborhood friendly moderators: