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Childless People

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Spanking [Nov. 16th, 2006|09:46 pm]
Childless People
I've been seeing a lot of things about discipline lately on the boards, so I thought I bring it up. Spanking as a form of discipline...do you think it's right or wrong? Do you think it's abusive or not?

IMO...no I don't think it's abusive. I've been spanked, and it never phased me...ever. It didn't turn me into a felon like someone claimed on one of the boards *roll eyes*. In fact, I'm an adult that likes to be spanked for the fun of it.

From: inconceivable1
2006-11-17 06:07 am (UTC)
It's absolute hogwash, and the attempt I saw to associate sensible disciplinary spanking with adult sexual spanking is just as asenine as the homophobic attempt to associate consentual, same-gender sex to beastiality.

While there are sexual nerve endings in the buttocks, prepubescent children aren't affected that way-because guess what? They aren't sexually mature! That is why there is a certain age when spanking becomes inappropriate punishment.

The only case in which childhood spanking can be reasonably tied to excessive "abuse" play in adults is when child molestation is accompanied with excessive spanking. Normal parents don't spank their children for every little transgression. Children that are so misbehaved that their actions would lead to spanking every time are generally not the norm, and the complete failure to understand consiquences that other children their age would have picked up on is a symptom of personality disorders, chemical imbalance or other forms of mental disablement.

My sister was, is, and always will be a stubborn shithead, and she has bipolar disorder. Despite this, our parents didn't have to resort to spanking her on a daily basis, because even she learned not to make the same mistake twice (she just made new ones, hardy-har-har). I, on the other hand, can count the number of times I was spanked on one hand, because I never pushed the limits the way she did.

No, there is nothing sexual about normal corporal punishment. Average parents that will use spanking as a disciplinary measure when other methods fail don't find enjoyment in administering the punishment, anymore than they find enjoyment in making their kid get a flu shot and watching them cry. They do it because it's for the child's own good, and very few of them use anything other than their hand.

I was floored when Xwoman went as far as to compare parents who spank to sexual predators. She rarely gives a fuck how filthy her posts are, but it seems even she was smart enough not to say it outright. I read between the lines though, and she's now right up there on my list next to Eye, TD, MJ, NS and LIG.

I'm fed up with people insulting survivors of the halocaust, abuse, rape, molestation and cancer with their unbelievable red herrings. I want them to experience all of those things themselves, so badly. They have no fucking idea how insulting it is, and the funny thing is the same ones that use that tactics for one thing get up in arms when someone else does it for another. MJ was hypocritical to applaud my post when she does the exact same fucking thing herself, comparing abortion to murder.

Damn, these hypocrits need to look in a fucking mirror sometime. Nothing pisses me off more than someone that jumps on a prolifer for comparing abortion to the halocaust, murder or slavery, then turns around and compares a swat on the butt to doing a piledriver on a kid for asking for a piece of candy. Prochoicers that get pissed at prolifers for telling women what to do with their bodies turn around and try to force women to breastfeed, and they're just as judgemental and nasty toward women who don't as prolifers are toward women who abort.

The clue bat would probably break over these people's petrified skulls.

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From: thespianlynn82
2006-11-18 01:56 am (UTC)
no shit, darkmoon

I really wanted someone else to go after her about it. I was extremely offended how she started to say spanking is a form of abuse. I did agree with MJ on how people who have gone through real forms of abuse would get offended by such a statement, despite I don't trust her and I disagree with her on a lot of things.

I almost stopped talking to her about it because it was so offensive. I have a theory that some people are pro-choice till an extent. IF someone doesn't do "their" choice, then they get on others about it. You know...I seriously don't care if people don't want to spank their kids. Fine, don't fucking do it then. However, don't insult parents that do that method by insiuating that are abusing their children...especially when they don't spank their kids that often.

I got pissed with xwoman saying that I was physically abused because of the spanking. If someone seriously knew what abuse was, then the victim of that abuse wouldn't go through with it again in their lifetime? If spanking was seriously a form of abuse, adults wouldn't want it.

I just gave up on her because I'm not going to talk to someone on something they don't know what the fuck they are talking about. I've been verbally ABUSED. I've been spanked. Spanking didn't terrorize me as much as being verbally assaulted and outcasted did.

The funny thing is that she was trying to tell me that I would discredit a person who has been through more trauma than I did. I wouldn't. I told her that. IF the person discredit me that has been through a more traumatic event then me, I wouldn't be pissed. They've been through something much greater than I ever suffered for.

However, what I did tell her is that I get pissed off at people who have NEVER EVER fucking gone through the situation themselve and trying to tell others how they should deal with the situation and discredit them on it. That's what she is fucking doing. She's never been spanked and abused to say how anyone should feel.

As much as I love Fake, darling is the same way. He has never been abused and he has never been spanked. People, who have never been through those situations, should never have the right to tell people what is abuse and how to deal with it when they haven't even deal with it yet.
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